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The Federal Response To Hurricane Katrina

Two years before Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Walter and Rosemary Brasch accurately predicted that the United States wasn�t prepared for a catastrophic natural disaster. Their insightful columns became the base for �Unacceptable�: The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina.This book, based upon extensive observation and documentation, is an in-depth look not only at what FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security did and didn�t do, but also the more important question�why the federal response was so inefficient.

Critical Acclaim
Unacceptable: The Federal Response To Hurricane Katrina by journalism professor Walter M. Brasch is an informative and critical analysis of the inefficiency and ineptitude of the American government's response to the natural disaster and consequent widespread tragedy of hurricane Katrina. Providing an accessible and "reader friendly" in-depth study of predictive and retrospective texts, quotes, and conceptual understandings, Unacceptable guides readers through the many contributing factors which resulted in the Bush administration's dysfunctional political policies, such as downgrading FEMA while pushing new resources into the anti-terrorism campaigns and the war in Iraq. To be given high praise for its candor, Unacceptable is very strongly recommended reading for anyone interested in contemporary politics and current events for its outstanding and precise study of the federal government�s poor performance and indecisive action for one of the worst natural disaster in American history. �Midwest Book Watch

I was quite hesitant at first about reviewing this book for many reasons. One, I am NOT a George Bush fan and I knew that he would be brought up a lot in this book. Two, I was furious about how the before and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was handled. Hell, I can�t even watch Fahrenheit 9/11 for similar reasons! Oh, and name IS Katrina. Anyway, I began to read the book and was made aware of so much more that we as television viewers were not told. This infuriated me further. I was not unaware that Petsmart had sent dog crates that were not allowed to be delivered to New Orleans, nor was I aware that Wal-Mart as well as another bottling company sent truckloads of water down to New Orleans and they weren�t allowed in either. I definitely was further enlightened about the goings on, or there lack of that FEMA and President Bush did and did not do. I think anyone that has any questions or wants further information, factual information should read this book. I know that I was enlightened, enraged, saddened, disappointed in our government and educated. We the people MUST know what is going on and this book will tell you all you need to know. -->Alternative Reads

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