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The Press and the State:

Contemporary and Sociohistorical Interpretations 

The Press and the State presents a philosophical base upon which to study the media. The text traces the relationship between the media and the State, from the controversial thoughts of King Urakagina in the 24th century, B.C. to the present.

As a primary text, the book is designed for classes in Media History, Government and the Media, Free Expression and First Amendment Issues, and Contemporary Social Issues in the Media. The emphasis is upon the needs of the working media professional.

The Press and the State examines, in-depth, many State-press issues, including Shield law, the Freedom of Information Act, Obscenity, Censorship, Seditious Libel, Licensing, Print/Broadcast Differences, Classification of Information, Conflicts Between Free Press and Fair Trial, Defamation, and Governmentally-Imposed Access.

This book is not only an excellent reference/research study, but a solid text that will be current for several years.

Presents new framework for understanding the nature of the press as a part of the state.

Part I : Sociohistorical and Philosophical Perspectives (a history of free expression, with emphasis upon the concepts and ideas that formed the State and the media).

Part II : Contemporary Perspectives

Section 1 : The State as Suppressor (including chapters on the preservation of the state, licensing, censorship, obscenity, defamation and privacy, free press/fair trial, First Amendment differences, economic restraints)

Section 2: The State as Facilitator (including chapters on the economics of assistance, sunshine laws, Freedom of Information Act, shield laws, public radio and public TV, copyright)

Section 3: The State as Manipulator (including chapters on the agencies of American government and the Presidency).

Critical Acclaim

           Choice: �An excellent reference resource on the history and sociology of governmental controls of press freedom. Accessible to college undergraduates. Recommended.� (named Outstanding Academic Book by Choice) American Journalism: �Their Hegelian (and Herculean) aspirations have produced perhaps the broadest perspective on political freedom of the media in one book. . . A welcome picture of freedom of the press painted with the broadest of strokes.�

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