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The Joy of Sax:
America During the Bill Clinton Era

Like two of his role models, Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton was one of the nation's most dynamic and effective presidents; and, like his mentors, he was one of the most vilified. He left office with one of the highest approval rates of any president for the work he did-->With biting wit and probing insight, national award-winning journalist Walt Brasch, who has covered American society and government for three decades, looks at the Clinton era, and what happened in, and to, America during more than eight years of excitement and turmoil.

Critical Acclaim

"These are acerbic and entertaining articles [that are] highly entertaining [and] witty... [It reads] as if the West Wing had been turned into a SitCom."
� Bethan Marshall, lecturer at King's College, London; published in 3 AM

"[Brasch is] the most informed, opinionated, witty, and delightful commentator on the media scene today."
� John Noonan, Aspen Media Review

"This book is loaded not only with humor and a caustic wit, but also a deep understanding of the critical political and social issues of the past decade."
� Donald Bird, media critic and chair of journalism at Long Island University

"A witty, thoughtful, and fascinating look at the eight years of American politics under the Clinton administration...[It is] an engaging analytic commentary with serious undertone on the effects Clinton's legacy will have for America of the 21st century...Highly recommended."
� Midwest Book Review

"Wonderfully wacked."
� Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"Humorous, straight-forward, and laced with good old-fashioned logic."
� Pat Trosky, Wilkes-Barre Citizen's Voice

"A delightful read, as interesting and provactive as the writer himself."
� Dave DeKok, Harrisburg Patriot and News

"Brasch keeps the readers entertained not just through his poignant satire, but with his ability to tell a good story first. He always displays a solid point and makes it a fun ride getting there."
� Bill Kohler, Standard-Journal newspapers

"Excellent demonstration of the art of newspaper column writing, filled with the compassion and humor missing from many of the today's papers."
� Robert Jones, Dept. of Journalism, University of Texas

"The most informed, opinionated, witty, and delightful commentator on the media scene today."
� John Noonan, Aspen Media Review

"A fast & funny ride down memory lane. . . . Walt Brasch's inane insights into what held our fancies and titillated our tongues will make you squirm and guffaw! . . . His enquiring mind makes hilarious & bizarre connections, & while you may find yourself nodding in wise agreement, you will also find yourself gagging: "You don't say!". . .The essays are short, well written, with their full quota of absurdity laced with acidic wit, as well as profoundly embarrassing facts. There's something to fit just about every person's tastes. You want to remember it all, the horrible as well as the crass; you want to take a taste of everything so you can mutter: "Were we really like that for eight whole years?"You can gorge yourself by reading straight through or nibble here & there. Either way, you will have consumed thousands of cerebral calories, added inches to your ego, and had some resounding belly laughs."�Rebecca Brown, Rebecca's Reads.

Walter Brasch is. . .

"Effective and powerful."
� Beverley Pitts, professor of journalism and provost, Ball State University

"Entertaining and informative, and fun for everyone."
� WLW-AM, Cincinnati

"A real treat to interview. He has a wonderful way of cutting through the media hype to clarify the 'real' culture."
Jack Holcomb, WEEU-AM, Reading, Pa.

"A dynamic journalist in the tradition of Andy Rooney."
Gil Bratcher, WYSP-FM, Philadelphia

"[Someone who] has a wonderful way of cutting through the media hype to clarify the 'real' culture and media in a manner that can be understood by all."
� Jack Holcomb, WEEU-AM, Reading, Pa.

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