October, 2011
Mystery / Triller

By Walter M. Brasch
In Massachusetts, a nuclear reactor is weeks from going to full power.
In Pennsylvania, a musician and a magazine editor are working against
deadlines to uncover a conspiracy that flows to the plans of a proposed
nuclear waste site 300 miles away in Pennsylvania. Jobs in economically
depressed regions are what government and the industry have promised.
On the eve of the Persian Gulf War, with Iraq having invaded Kuwait
and now holding 10 percent of the oil in the world, they are playing to
the fears of Americans by pushing for clean nuclear energy. What they
haven't said is that real estate deception, government bungling, and
manufacturing defects threaten the health and safety of the people.
In this novel, award-winning journalist Walter M. Brasch slowly and
meticulously builds a scenario of greed, corruption, and intrigue,
set against the backdrop of social protest. In so doing, he weaves a
compelling story of history and contemporary American values between
1964 and 1991, every bit as powerful and timely today as they were more
than two decades earlier.