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Cartoon Monikers
By understanding the process and effects of the naming of animated cartoon characters, it is possible to understand not only a history of animation, but also to gain an insight into the cultural heritage of the American people.

In Cartoon Monickers, Dr. Brasch has given us a lively cultural history, from the first cartton characters, created before the turn of the century, to the Industry's "golden age"during the 1930s and 1940s, to computer-aided animation of the current millenium. For more than ten years, Dr. Brasch had extensive discussions with the Industry's leading writers, directors, and animators, and in Cartoon Monickers, he presents never before published information about many of our country's most beloved characters. This is a book that will keep you reading until the last page - and may even bring a couple of tears with a lot of laughter.

An 800-word UPI feature was distributed to member newspapers; other articles appeared in Grit and the Philadelphia Inquirer. In addition, the author had appeared on 40 radio and television show

Critical Acclaim
"S-s-sufferin' succotash! Professor Walter Brasch tells What's Up in his fascinating account of the naming and development of almost every cartoon favorite in history, along with their famous catch-phrases. A unique, long researched, well written, interestingly illustrated collection of anecdotes and quotations that is not only informative but extremely entertaining as well. And that's not all, Folks!"-->Bob Clampett (director, Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Beany and Cecil, and numerous others)

"This is a most stimulating view from a most interesting angle of a diverse and fascinating field."-- Chuck Jones (director, Roadrunner and Coyote, Bugs Bunny, numerous TV specials)

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