Rosemary R. Brasch


Jeffrey A. Gerber—B.A., history and B.S. Ed., Secondary Education; Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Telemarketing sales executive; former combat Marine, and Carney.

Matthew E. Gerber—sales executive; all-around athlete; loves animals.

Corey Brasch

Rosemary R. Brasch - B.A., history and sociology (minor: theatre), Regents College of University of the State of New York; M.S., labor studies, University of Massachusetts. Labor issues and worker rights specialist; former family services specialist for national disasters, American Red Cross

Matthew and Jeffrey Gerber
Corey Brasch - Retired business executive
Kashatten and Sherkka, lovable, protective and brilliant German Shepherds                

Pig Floyd, PWA (pig with attitude).

Sheba, laundry-stealing bouncing bundle of canine energy.

Cabot, cute shepherd/husky with ability to search and destroy any paper product.
                   Sheba                                                            Cabot                                                               Pig Floyd