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America's Unpatriotic Acts
Within six weeks of 9/11, in a nation gripped by fear and hatred, Congress overwhelmingly approved the USA PATRIOT Act, drafted in secret by the Department of Justice, and forced upon the Congress by the House and Senate leadership. There was almost no debate, and few in Congress were given more than a few hours to read the 342-page document; most didn't read any of it.

Act gave federal law enforcement the tools it wanted to track down and prosecute terrorists. However, there are sections which threaten Americans' Constitutional rights and civil liberties while doing little to protect the safety of the nation. Equally important, the Act has been used against American citizens who have no connection with any act of terrorism.
In America's Unpatriotic Acts, award-winning journalist and university professor Walter Brasch looks not just at the effects of the PATRIOT ACT upon the nation, but also at innumerable civil rights violations conducted in the United States, and by the United States in foreign countries during three years following 9/11.

Critical Acclaim

In the provocative America's Unpatriotic Acts: The Federal Government's Violation Of Constitutional And Civil Rights, syndicated columnist Walter M. Brasch keenly describes the many painful strikes America's government takes upon its own citizens. With meticulous research, Walter M. Brasch presents a valid read of how Americans' privacy may be irrationally breached for matters irrelevant to the justification. America's Unpatriotic Acts is recommended with great praise for social and political activists, as well as students of contemporary political science.Library Bookwatch

�America�s Unpatriotic Acts is a powerful, persuasive, and expertly documented indictment against the tactics of fear that resulted in the PATRIOT Act and the Bush Administration�s use of it to skirt the Bill of Rights and promote a political agenda. Walter Brasch comprehensively reports the story with page-turning suspense.�  
Barbara S. Reed, Journalism & Media Studies, Rutgers University


�This lucid and well-documented study of the PATRIOT Act and related government initiatives quotes Benjamin Franklin's argument that `They who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.' The study reveals in meticulous detail how far we have traveled down that road, and what may lie ahead if we do not heed Franklin's warning.�Noam Chomsky


�The U.S. is now an evolving police state in the guise of national security, but here comes Walter Brasch, a contemporary Paul Revere, galloping through on a steed of information and warning, "The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming!� Laws passed secretly in the dark, propagandized as protection by a power-crazed government, are actually vehicles of repression. Their chilling effects are rendering citizens frozen stiff, not with paranoia, but with justifiable fear. America's Unpatriotic Acts serves as a red alert, spotlighting domestic terrorists who reek with arrogance as they assault our civil liberties. Responsibly researched and diligently documented, it transcends liberal/conservative labels and reveals the utter arrogance behind cutesy acronyms, yet also provides a ray of hope for repeal of the PATRIOT Act. This comprehensive book ought to become a Constitutional amendment, immediately.� Paul Krassner

�A good read and resource for worthwhile information.�
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